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#reworkedbyBERU Levi’s Vintage Denim Jackets at Au Fudge

#reworkedbyBERU Levi’s Vintage Denim Jackets at Au Fudge

In celebration of Levi’s 50th anniversary of the trucker jacket, our team sourced the best vintage Levi’s throughout California and Texas and reworked them to create the seasonless kids’ go-to denim jacket. Each jacket is one of kind with a unique range of embroidery, printing, and patches. At our launch event at Au Fudge in Beverly Hills, we featured a DIY customization area for kids to personalize their new jackets, ensuring they wouldn’t be spotted wearing the same thing as another on their first day back to school!

Beru Crew

We know.. our #BeruCrew is way too photogenic. Alie @sincerely.alieandme wearing the Fiona dress in gold and Jaxon @jaxonbowes in the Ava Tee – Stay Wild, Gypsy Child.

We gave your mini a great excuse to pop their collar. All of our vintage Levi’s jackets have an embroidered “wild child” on the back of the collar.

Chan (@motherhoodinhollywood) knows who has all the real power.

We love a good chalk art. Art by Au Fudge.

Custom Denim Patches

Eli @elijojo1 placing where he wants his patches.

good vibes levi's jacket

We’re all about good vibes.

These kids work so hard.

little model

No pose-instructions were needed. Harper @yutopiaessex in her custom Levi’s denim jacket and Sadie Pants.

kids denim jackets

We promise they’re not in time out. The boys of the #BeruCrew in our Good Vibes and Ocean jackets.

french fry patch denim

At least Max (@jamiemenna) said ‘sorry’. He is in our ‘Sorry in Advance’ jacket with his custom french fry patch.

denim party

Don’t worry- the fire marshall approved this huge turnout.

little fashion icon

Beru’s Creative Director, Roxanne Pedroza, assisting Olive @shopburu with her vintage jacket.

Beru VW Bus

We got a vintage VW Bus for our guests to take pictures in because every photo op counts.

GoGo SqueeZ was keeping everyone energized with their organic yogurts!

We heart you, too.

Aisha of The Gift Pick with her husband and their two children (and #berucrew models), Kai and Mila. Kai is wearing our Huxley Tee – Palm Tree Dots and Mila in our Love is Love tee in Pebble.

Olivia (@oliviaandocean) in our ‘Ocean’ jacket with an embroidered “I like naps”—I mean, don’t we all?

Good Vibes Denim

Kids, your mom will always be your best shopping partner.

Denim Patches Beru

Our custom patches featuring a palm tree, BERU logo, an ocean wave, and our mountain lion logo.

The Beru Team

We couldn’t have done this without Jamie of Mini Style and Aisha of The Gift Pick that partnered with us to help throw this event! From left to right, Jamie (Mini Style), Sofia (founder/owner of Beru Kids), Roxanne (Creative Director of Beru Kids), and Aisha (The Gift Pick).

Thank you to everyone who joined us with this launch and have continued to support us! There’s only a few left of our vintage Levi’s jackets available on our website. Shop above!